Pleasant experience

Orthodontics is truly a very pleasant experience for our patients. In fact, our patients see their smile change which promotes confidence and self-esteem. It is an enriching experience for both the patient and Dr. El-Khatib. You are received with a big smile and we are here to make your treatment as pleasant as possible.

Highly Qualified Specialist

Dr. El-Khatib is a highly qualified orthodontist. He has trained some 40 orthodontists and several hundred dentists in Quebec, and has given presentations and the results of his research around the world. He has published articles in local and international newspapers.


Dr El-Khatib is pleased to meet all of his patients at each appointment. He is very accessible and there to answer all your questions. We like to explain to patients all stages of treatment. You can reach us by phone or email. It will be our pleasure to answer you as quickly as possible.

Exceptional and Comfortable Care

Dr. El-Khatib is a perfectionist who enjoys providing exceptional quality care to his patients. We use the best materials and products at the cutting edge of technology so that the treatments are with minimum pain and exceptional comfort. Quality care and exceptional comfort await you at our clinic.